Celebrating Milestone Monday with a Craft Beer

On May 15, 2007 I casually boarded onto US Airways flight #674 with a Timbuktu Classic Messenger bag, a oneway ticket to Calgary, Alberta Canada and about $18,000.00 USD in the bank.

At the time, I did not know or realize this date would become a very significant date in my long history of travelling around the globe, working abroad and just being the adventurous guy that I sometimes am.

Spelunking near Canmore, AB

While living in Calgary, I met several Australians, a handful of Europeans, Africans and others, the obvious Canadians and a couple of other oddballs, like myself, who had made the short journey North across the boarder. During our brief 2-year stint in Calgary, we met some wonderful characters, who are friends to this day. Ended up applying for and being granted Canadian Residency, got married in along the Bow River on the Hoodoo Mountain Range, with a herd of elk as our bridal party and 3-of our closest friends. It was a spectacular collage of weather: snow, sleet, sunshine, rain, hail, cloud cover and of course, wind. We managed though. And our stellar friends captured nearly 450 photographs using 5-point and shoot cameras. It was an amazing Monday. Which my beautiful wife and I, celebrate every April.

A few years of Calgary and the two of us decided that a trip overseas was required. We settled on a nice little peninsula called South Korea. Packing our bags in July 2010, we spent the month hanging around the in-laws acreage, annoying them, until our visas were sorted out and we could depart for Vancouver, British Columbia to pickup my wife’s visa and to San Francisco, California to pickup my own. Then grab 2-separate flights on back-to-back days, both bound for Seoul Incheon Airport (ICN).

Unrested from the flight, wandering around the arrivals area of the airport, each of us with our luggage in tow, we searched for a taxi cab driver and a sign “JacksonCrabb”. Into the taxi, each of us went, on good faith, that we would arrive at our destination of Gyeonggi English Village in Paju, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

The two of us spent 18-months in South Korea, teaching English, exploring the countryside and enjoying all aspects of life. Especially when the LG Twins were in town, we’d make the one-and-a-half hour oneway trek into Seoul via Express Bus and Train, to watch my favourite Korean Baseball Team kick some butt.


Korean Baseball Organization
At Jamsil Stadium (Seoul) Twins vs Heroes

Of course, the home town team, didn’t always end up winning. The games were a mad-house just like in Osaka, Japan. Fans chanted, cheered and jeered to the beat of drums!

After our 2nd contract was up, we decided to depart South Korea and head back to Alberta, Canada. This time, we ended up moving into a small rural town in Central Alberta, a mere 20-minute drive from the in-laws acreage. In January 2012, we moved into a condo, in a small rural town with a population just about 14,000 people. The condo had been built in 2010 and no one had ever lived in our unit. We moved in along Main Street. It’s 850-square feet, balcony, 2-underground garage spaces and carwash bay included. We’ve had a difficult time trying to move out, as there is just not enough quality places out there to rent.

The two of us, have been very fortunate since 2012, as we both found jobs with excellent companies. And both of us commute to work everyday driving into the “big city” know as the Capital City of Alberta: Edmonton.  And thus we have reached the reason for this posting…

Today, we are “Celebrating Milestone Monday with a Craft Beer” from Grain Bin Brewing Company called ‘Willie the Wit’, based in Grand Prairie, Alberta.

Life Milestones 

  1. May 2007 to May 2017, 10-years of living outside the country I was born in
  2. May 2012 to May 2017, 5-years employment with one company
Cruiser Bike
Spring into Action… with an Electra Cruiser (c) JacksonCrabb Photography 2016






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