Happy Beer Day… Starts on Friday May 19

This new deliciousness of an idea came to me yesterday while standing in the cooler at Sherbrooke Liquor store… as my brain cells began to freeze from standing inside the beer cooler too long, my eyes were reading over the 1,000’s of labels trying to decide on what type of beer to drink on “Mom’s Day?” All I really wanted was to celebrate being alive! And of course my gratefulness for having a mum who cared enough about me to keep telling me to go to college and well… end up in Edmonton, Canada!  Of course there are those other reasons too, like its Spring which means Camping season is just around the corner and you’ll need to stock up for all those base camp stories around the fire pit! (well I suppose some of us are like me and the rest of you are kicking back in your RV or camper, right now, not even thinking about the internet… Camping tip: The Mozzies are out there bring your Bug Spray!!!) 

Friday is New Beer Day!
Craft Beer

I chose Grain Bin Brewing Company mainly because I really like those old Granaries sitting along the railroad tracks all over Alberta. I get distracted by them quit frequently. Just ask anyone… or check out my Instagram page! 

First impressions of the bottle and label: It’s a pretty plain label and bottle. There is only a front label on the 650ML bottle. The label is plain in style, font and well colour: only green and white. (which reminds me of CFL Football for some reason. Hey are you guys from Saskatchewan?) For all the plainness in the label, I really enjoy the clever sayings on the label like “Willie the Wit” and “Fight for Spring”

  • Established: TBD
  • Location: Grand Prairie, Alberta Canada
  • Number of beers offered: 5
  • Style of beers offered: Radler, Pilsner, Winter Seasonal, Fruit & NE IPA

What drew me to this bottle: Alcohol content 4.0% which means, you can drink a glass or the whole bottle on a Monday. And still be able to make it to work in the morning.

Price: A respectable $6.60 plus bottle deposit   

Willie’s a Golden Blonde

First sip: The thing here is, I hIt just lingered there. Trying to balance on my tongue. It wasn’t terrible. It just needed something. To draw me into it.

Those in between sips, well, needless to say, I really needed to cleanse the palate. Which meant drinking some water then I ate a bowl of tofu and vegetable stir-fry with brown rice. This really assisted in kicking in the flavours of “The Wit”. It has a nice lingering notes of apple or barley. It’s a clean finish. A real joy to sip on. This is definitely a conversational beer.

Last sips, I just swished and viola! Milestone Monday, finishes on a high-note. Speaking of notes, I really think there is apples in there. A nice hint, of honey or agave. It’s a real pleasure to have sipped this beer from start to finish. 

Willie the Wit
Willie the Wit

If you are interested in learning more than just my opinion above then you can click on this link to check out Grain Bin Brewing Company 

Address: R104 8504 112st, Grande Prairie, Alberta
Call: 1 (780) 380-6532
Twitter: @grainbinbeer




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