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Public Transportation; A Second and Third Dose

After racing around Arizona and primarily the city of Phoenix, I sold everything I owned and moved North across the imaginary line between its neighbouring country; Canada. During the transition from one location to the next sometimes you need to suffer consequences of choices made and in doing so you will relive a period of…

Vroom Vroom

Alberta Aviation Museum Edmonton, Alberta Canada

A Work Day Trip to Fort McMurray, Should You Fly or Drive?

Last week during our biweekly Friday afternoon project meeting the sales guy says over the speaker phone, “well I will be up there next week on Wednesday the 28th for a walk through for this RFB (request for bid). Perhaps we can meet up to discuss this projects progress and go over a few other…

The Return to Civilization

Yesterday, I felt like a bus had run me over then caught my pant leg by the cuff and drug me across a couple of speedbumps as the jetlag exponged itself on my being. The reason for this was our planes’ departure was delayed due to inclement weather on the plane coming down to Huatulco….

Top 10 Things to Bring on an Airplane

This is not really easy to talk about as its still kind of a sore subject between my significant other and myself. Last year we decided to pass on a trip to Cuba and instead took an 8-day self-guided Fly & Drive Ireland trip. The trip itself was AWESOME! And we both highly recommend going to Ireland. However…

How Did We End Up Here?

Standing at the end of the conveyor belt my pointer fingers are curled through the belt loops on both sides of my shorts. Patiently I am waiting for a grey bin at the end of the belt. As it now holds all my belongings: belt, wallet, passport and backpack. The TSA X-ray Analyst is peering at…

Somewhere East of Toronto

The plane gently rolls along the tarmac taxiing into position at Toronto International Airport (TOR) as the Co-pilot briefs the staff to brace themselves as the plane begins to generate speed. As the wheels roll faster and faster down the asphalt until its nose pushes the air out of its way peaking off the horizontal-plane along the tarmac…

The Formula for Travelling with Less Luggage

The formula for travelling with less luggage begins with a list of questions for you to think about when you need to pack your luggage for your domestic or international travels. This formula began to develop with every trip I personally took to the airport as I observed other travellers and their relationships with their luggage….

Luggage and the 12-hours before Departure

In 12-hours, the car will be packed with carry-on luggage consisting of one backpack, one 19-inch roller and a small messenger bag. If you actually saw these items, sitting together in the airport then you might just imagine all of this luggage belongs to a single traveller embarking on a vacation or a business trip. Of course,…