How to Pick Your Method of Travel

Let’s think about this for just a minute, you have decided that April is the time of year you want to go on a vacation. April is a good month because in someplaces’ its considered early to mid-spring. Flowers are beginning to bloom, women are wearing less clothing (and men are too) and the majority of the populous around the world are staying home because their kids are still in school (bonus). The thing that makes people change their minds the most about the destination of choice is “how do we get there? Car, Train, Plane, Tour bus, Cruise ship, Walk, Bike, or other.

Here’s some words of advice on How to Pick Your Method of Travel

  • Don’t always pay for the most direct option, as part of the adventure is the journey you are on
  • Don’t always pick the one you are most comfortable with, stretch your legs, and try another method because it will add to your adventure
  • Do ensure you are going to enjoy the amount of time you have to spend on the journey before you reach your destination

Now, let’s pick a destination (remember you are starting in Central Alberta, Canada [or at least I would be]).

  1. Havana, Cuba… well you’ve got Airplanes, or boats.
  2. Mexico City, Mexico… well you’ve got Airplanes, Tour buses, Automobile, Bicycle, Hitch hiking, Cruise ships, or walk.
  3. Montreal, Quebec Canada… similar to number 2, and include Train
  4. Hawaii, USA… Same as number 1
  5. Seoul, South Korea… same as number 1, although taking a boat might take 3-months, so you better investigate that option

What is your favourite mode of transportation?

  • Airplane
  • Automobile
  • Bicycle
  • Cruise Ship
  • Motorcycle
  • Train

Well, if you are land locked, like I am, then “Cruise Ship” is out of the question from the start and you’ll have to grab your keys and go. Although it could be part of the journey once you reach open waters. My preference is always Automobile. I love to fly in a plane, and doing so, is always the most direct option. The problem is, I miss all the stuff in-between. The roads, the houses, the people, the culture, the scenery and the wild life. I don’t mind taking the train it just means all the in-between stuff is somewhat of a blur depending on how fast the train you are on, is travelling. Motorcycles are super fun to be on, as long as the person driving the motorcycle is competent and has had several years of practice on maneuvering and dealing with traffic, turns, corners, curves, hazards and other roadway obstacles. Bicycle, well, I can honestly say, I have not tried to travel over 20-miles on a bicycle before. Usually my bicycling was the kind you do from the top of a mountain to the bottom and back to the top: Mountain Bike Riding, single track or trails. Cross country on a road bike, not really my gig. Although I can see the benefit of doing this. Slower travel, see everything firsthand, a bit of camping and a lot of exercise!

Over the course of the article we have learned about a few “do’s and dont’s” of picking your method of travel. I do believe if you are traveling a far distance, over 2,500 kilometres than Airplanes are the best option, unless you have plenty of time to drive to your destination and back again. Although if there is a body of water or several bodies of water than you might want to see how you can get around or through those obstacles. The main thing to know about How to Pick Your Method of Travel, is, you need to be open minded about the journey before your destination and always remember to SMILE, because you are on holiday.