The TOP 7 Things to do in Edmonton in February

Well, you might have guessed from the title that we are going to discuss “activities” you can do in Edmonton, Alberta Canada in the wintery month of February. Traditionally, February in Canada is wicked cold. And by wicked cold, I mean stay indoors, don’t go outside, you and I, will both be happier people during the week ahead. Or face the wraith of mother nature, cold, bitter, howling winds, negative wind chills, minus unbearable temperatures (-40C+/-40F+)! Honestly, during the winter you just want to snuggle with your fire place, drink hot beverages and call your friends via Skype.

However, in those uncommon years, when the old Chinook of happiness is around, TAKE ADVANTAGE of EVERYTHING. It’s uncommonly warm right now. Literally, today, it was a high of -7C/19F and that’s a REALLY Nice day!

So, thanks to this thing called Global Warming and those happy Chinook windslets take this Winter by storm and grab our toques, stockings, winter gloves and jackets, and head outside for some F.U.N.. Here are my Top 10 things to do in Edmonton in February:

  1. Feb 2 to Feb 4, go attend visit the Flying Canoe Volant, at Mill Creek Ravine. What is it? Well, its a bunch of people gathered to celebrate Canoeing!  Nope. Looks like I am wrong. It’s actually a festival about French Canadian, First Nations and Metis Traditions. It’s a creative, interactive, cultural celebration with live music, hot chocolate, theatre and more!
  2. Feb 4, attend the Chinese New Year Celebrations at Muttart Conservatory. What is it? Well, its a bunch of singing and dancing to celebrate the year of the Rooster! Cock-a-doodle-doo! Actually, it’s something similar to that but with a bit more FLAIR! Starting at 5:15pm and 6:45pm, there will be traditional dancing, singing and music. Then at 6:00pm, bundle up, head outside, and check out some Fireworks! Grab a hot beverage and be a part of the celebration
  3. Feb 4 to Feb 5, Are you feeling stressed out from work? Been thinking about getting back into the Gym? Maybe taking on a Crossfit challenge this summer? Or attending a Spartan Race? Then you might want to go on down to the Northlands Expo for FitFest. There will be over 100-exhibitors awaiting your arrival to discuss all the FUN you can have getting fit. Whether that be hitting the row machine with the local Dragon Boat Racing Club, or kickboxing at the local gym, or joining an afterwork walking group, or meeting up with other joggers, or… one of the other 227 activities you could be enjoying instead of sitting at your house.
  4. Feb 14, it’s time to be sweet to your loved ones. Pick out a nice ‘valentine’ day gift, pull out your wallet and start spending that money on chocolate joy, candy hearts and stuffed animals. And if that’s not enough then there is always that 5-star posh, swanky restaurant that you should have made reservations for back in January.  Otherwise, just pickup some flowers and tell her/him you love them. yep, even I can be mushy. 
  5. Feb 17, those great people of the Flying Canoe Volant are back! However, they have moved their tents, tepees and CANOEs to the Edmonton Ski Club (near Muttart Conservatory). Can you guess what they are hosting? If you guessed: A Canoe Race Triathlon then you were right! From 6pm to 11pm (races start at 7pm), you can watch teams battle it out over Axe Throwing, Bucksawing and downhill Canoe-toggagoning! The top 4 teams will move onto the Championship races but only ONE will be crowned Canoe-Champions!
  6. Every Sunday in February… from 1:00pm to 5:00pm, take in the spirit of winter by bundling up, grabbing your sled or toboggan and head on over to Jackie Parker, Rundle (ACT Hills) or Gallagher Parks to enjoy Hot Chocolate, Hill climbing, sledding, camaraderie in the snow and much more. All for one low price: FREE!
  7. Until the sun melts it, you can always head on over to Hawerlak Park to lace up your Ice Skates and take to the lake. Once you are tired of Ice Skating, join us over at the Ice Castles in the Park. Back by demand, the Ice Castles are built of… you guessed it: Ice! It’s more like an Ice Labyrinth and its all lite up too. Lots of fun for the whole family, during the day or during the night.

Interested in finding something else in the month of February? Or possibly you are one of those people who really like to plan and strategize your entire life then I suggest you check out; To Do