What is on Your Essential Items Travel Check List?

Every seasoned global traveller has generated their very own travel check list and on this essential items list you will find exactly what a seasoned traveller will always bring with them on any type of excursion. Most of the time seasoned global travellers will share their knowledge with other travellers who have similar tastes or goals in mind. Rarely will a three-suitcase, resort staying, tour group friendly, non-stop airline traveller provide “essential travel advice” to an ultra-light backpacker, hostel sleeping, make your own adventure, by any means necessary traveller. And there is usually a really good reason for that… they are not alike.

The good news is, is every traveller is extremely similar when you get down to the nuts and bolts of the “essential items list” because these are the things you cannot survive without. When I first met my wife, she was a medium-sized suitcase packing 4-wheel rolling suitcase traveller, who couldn’t leave the house without triple checking her luggage. One day while out shopping for a birthday gift, I came across a notepad called Travel Check List.

I flipped through this notebook and laughed. It literally pointed out the key essential items for any type of traveller who would be going on any type of trip. In the case of the three-suitcase traveller, they are going to look at this list and start adding quantities to it, to ensure they have plenty of underwear, more than enough make-up, extra rolls of toilet paper, a second toothbrush, a third comb and much much more. While the ultra-light backpacker is going to look at this list and try to figure out how to get away with the minimalist amount of stuff. They will even try to use 1-item to check off 3-items on the list. Just like a cellphone can also be an mp3 player, a camera and a book, viola!

I bet you are wondering, the same question that my wife always wonders before we pack for a road trip, an overseas adventure or a weekend camping trip; “what should I bring?” The Travel Check List has 28-items listed on it such as Travel Tickets, Passport, Money, Wallet, ID, Emergency #’s, Travel guide, underwear, jacket, pyjamas, sun glasses, camera, snacks and many more.

Although I do agree with the Travel Check List, as it provides some really key essentials to bring with you on a trip. And I must say some of the items on this list are a bit too much “stuff” and could be reduced or reused for other purposes such as underwear. Underwear is a great functional piece of clothing! It is always good to wear underwear beneath your clothes during the day, and when you are ready for a nice dip in the pool or a soak in the hut tub your underwear can be used as a bathing suit. If you haven’t soaked your underwear in a tub of water yet, you could always use them as pyjamas.

I do believe some of the items on the Travel Check List, are “great to have’s” and are necessary for some types of travel. With that said, some of these items are just items which you can pickup at any local grocery or convenience store such as bug repellant, sunscreen and shampoo. Others such as medicine (unless the type prescribed by your doctor), can be purchased while en route.  


For myself over the last 10-years, the Timbuk2 Classic Messenger bag has been the bag I go to, to carry everything on my “essential items list.” My top 10-items have always been; a baseball hat, camera, money, Nalgene bottle, passport, sandals, 2x shirts, shorts, socks and a toothbrush. Oh yea, and I always have just enough room for a souvenir along the way.