What is the First Thing You Do Upon Arrival at your Destination?

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You are correct, that is the longest title I could have come up with tonight (well this morning, as it’s 1:20am on Saturday January 28. remove this? maybe.). Okay now that we’ve established I am up past everyone’s bed time, what are we going to say about this title?

Oh yes… “What is the First Thing You Do Upon Arrival at your Destination?”

People. As I am a person and a well versed traveller, I still think I know something about what happens when people arrive at their destination of choice. For arguments sake, let’s say you have arrived in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (no, I have not been there yet. and that’s besides the point) the point is, is it really does not matter what the “destination” is but rather what it is that you first do when you get to destination “X”.

What you end up doing when you arrive at destination “X” may be strictly dependent on what time it is? So, let’s say you arrive at a decent hour. Not like 1:35am when most people will drop their luggage, grab their PJ’s and hit the bed. Unless you are like me, then you grab your camera and go explore the night.

Back on track. Oh yes… you have grabbed your keys and gone to the airport. You have checked into your hotel room and you have just arrived at destination “X” where you will be;

  • Enjoying the sunshine and beaches
  • Enjoying the mountains and snow skiing
  • Enjoying the valleys and ancient architecture
  • Enjoying the dive boats and vast array of corral
  • Enjoying… well, you get the point

Your destination “X” could be anything. And what we want to know is “What is the First Thing You Do Upon Arrival at your Destination?” 

  • Grab your bathing suit and head for the jacuzzi tub?
  • Grab your snow gear and head for the slopes?
  • Grab your camera, day bag and head for breakfast?
  • Sit back in your room, grab a nap, take in the moment that you have arrived?
  • Get directions from your hotel concierge and grab a bus into Dublin?

Whatever might be on the list of what you do first, you may want to make a list of your essential items  before you depart your hotel room. On many occasions, I will actually take a 20-minute cat nap, to ensure I have a bit of rest before hitting the streets. I will always down a couple litres of water, refreshen up in the bathroom and hope my travel companion will do the same thing. Then just like home I will grab the keys and go outside into the world which awaits me at destination “X”.







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